The Gryphons versus their adversaries

A closer look at fall sports rivalries

Jack Hauptman '23, Sports Staff

Greenhills is in a battle, after school you’ll find sticks clashing, balls soaring, rackets swinging, players taking on their rivals for the honor and glory of victory and their school. In the fall, the school offers its students various sports including soccer, tennis, volleyball, and field hockey. Greenhills has had a lack of fans turning up at their games, however some games are more important than others. If fans want to make it to a game to show their support and to show their spirit, then the best place to do that is at a rivalry game. 

Due to the fact that the school offers several sports in the fall, rivalries may differ from sport to sport. In terms of the soccer team, if fans really want to show spirit for their games the most important games are the ones against their rival, Father Gabriel Richard. 

“We’re really close to FGR (Father Gabriel Richard) so that helps the rivalry.” said Varsity soccer co-captain Jay Vijan ‘23 “They like to talk a lot, but can’t really back it up.” 

The varsity soccer team has already played Father Gabriel Richard twice this season and won both of their games against them four to zero. 

The soccer team is not done for the season, as they are going to go against Father Gabriel Richard again later this season. If fans want to show their support for the soccer team and the

school, then that is one of this year’s most important games to show up to. Because of Father Gabriel Richard’s close proximity to the school, it only takes a five minute drive to get there. 

Similar to the soccer team, the field hockey team has also built up a rivalry against Father Gabriel Richard. Not only because the schools are close, but because unlike soccer, Father Gabriel Richard’s field hockey team is renowned for their strong win record and skill amongst the Catholic league. 

The field hockey team has played Father Gabriel Richard twice this season so far. 

“There was a game where we beat them in one thing and then we lost to them later in the season,” said field hockey player Lizzie Foley ‘23. “We are really hoping to redeem ourselves.” 

The last game they played against Father Gabriel Richard was the catholic league finals on Oct. 1, where they lost to them 3-0. Although the field hockey team will not play Father Gabriel Richard again this season, they will battle for redemption next season. 

Unlike the soccer and field hockey teams, the tennis team’s rivalry is against Cranbrook High school. Cranbrook is forty minutes away from the school, so it is understandable that the away games can be hard to get to. However, both Greenhills and Cranbrook have exceptionally well scoring tennis teams.

The tennis team plays Cranbrook potentially four times this fall season. Greenhills won two games against them in a tournament earlier this season as well at a home game Sept. 28, 2022. 

“The Cranbrook players are not the nicest people in the world,” said tennis player Dylan Carvette ‘23. “Cranbrook is a strong rival, off the court they are friendly, but once we get onto the court we get competitive. Words have been exchanged during matches multiple times. There is lots of bad blood in between the two tennis programs.” 

The Greenhills team potentially will play Cranbrook in a tournament later this season depending on how the two teams do against other teams. If fans and supporters want to support our tennis team against their rivals look out for the Cranbrook game. 

The volleyball team’s rivals differ from the other sports. 

“We don’t really have rivals for districts,” said volleyball captain Ella Thorne ‘23. 

However, Thorne identified their strongest opponents. 

“In the season opener we played Cardinal Mooney Catholic, they’re the toughest competition in the Christian league,” said  Thorne. “The last time we played them we won by a very narrow margin, which was a big win after losing six seniors last season.”

If a fan is interested in attending games but has a busy schedule and can’t show up to many games, they should find a time when they can show up to a team’s most important games and show support when it matters most. 

“The best games of the year are always the ones against our rivals,” said Carvette.