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Unseen service
May 2, 2024
SOCCER STAR Dayne Bartscht ‘04, pictured on the right, was a star player and captain of the soccer team at Greenhills. “He was the guy you wanted on your team and the player that other teams loved to hate,” Associate Director of Admissions and former athletic director Eric Gajar said. “He was chippy, and he didn’t take anything from other people.”
Brewing it up
May 1, 2024

Unseen service

The story behind morning crew member, Alex Lozon

Before the sun rises every day and you wake up for school, the facilities staff begin preparing the school for the day at 4:00 a.m. Alex Lozon has been a member of this crew for 25 years and has devoted his life to helping others.

 Growing up Lozon lived in Michigan for most of his life. After highschool he moved to California to pursue school. In California, Lozon lived in the Mojave Desert better known as Death Valley.

“It was great in the Mojave desert, with the climate you could pretty much go or do anything you wanted,” said Lozon. “There was snow, beaches, and just a lot of variety out there.”

Lozon planned on going to college at California State Northridge, but after his grandparents got sick he decided to come back to Michigan with his uncle to care for them while attending college at Washtenaw Community College.

“I used to drive to Detroit every day to care for my grandparents as well as being in college at the same time, so I wasn’t able to continue school at that point and time,” said Lozon. “Then a few years later, my grandmother passed away, which was really hard for me.”

While caring for his grandparents, Lozon made many sacrifices including one to his career.

“If I had gone off to a four year college or something similar, I would have not seen my grandparents except for when they were on their deathbeds. That’s the sacrifice I took for not being able to go to university and not finishing college like I wanted to,” said Lozon. “But then this job came up at Greenhills and I’ve been here pretty much ever since.”

During his time at Greenhills, Lozon has found his experience to be up and down, but most of the time he enjoys and appreciates what he does because of others.

“The students here are really considerate, they have manners and are nice, so any run-ins with students I have is always great,” said Lozon. “That’s one of the main reasons I’m still here today. Before I got this job I had this one really close friend, but unfortunately he passed, so working here has allowed me to make new friends like Steve Oestreich, Nadine Hall, and Mark Randolph.” 

At Greenhills, Lozon met Mark Randolph who grew up in a similar area to him. Randolph bonded with Lozon over his many adventures and stories along with his knowledge. 

“Similarly to Alex, I also grew up on the west coast so we shared a lot of stories of being southern California,” said Randolph. “ He’s a very knowledgeable guy and really has a deep understanding of life given his experiences.”

Before coming to Greenhills, Lozon knew Steve Oestreich in the early 90s when his cousin played in basketball tournaments with him

“Alex has always been an old soul, he knows a lot of things I don’t even know even though he’s ten years younger than me. He’s never really liked the spotlight on him, he liked to work silently and get the job done” said Oestreich. “I think every day that I talk to Alex is my favorite day, he’s a very hard worker and really cares about the students here.”

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