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Possible changes to advisory in planning stages
Possible changes to advisory in planning stages
Dylan Carvette '23 and Arjun Prabhakar '23 May 25, 2022

Change has always played a prominent role in the culture of Greenhills, especially in recent years. From the remodeling of various parts of the...

VIVE LA FRANCE Husson on a military base in Tours France being awarded the Silver National Medal in 2005. “I went  to teach at a Military academy and I was teaching a leadership course,” said Husson.
Military backgrounds shape faculty members lives, lessons
Eliot Ahn '25, Lifestyles Staff • May 24, 2022

Husson takes aim for French military   As a special forces operator on etours warzones like the Ivory coast or Bosnia and watch rebel forces...

Spelling Bee provides much needed comedic laughs
"Spelling Bee" provides much needed comedic laughs
Rishi Verma '23, Sports Staff • May 10, 2022

Theater at Greenhills has been in one long intermission for the last two years given the Coronavirus pandemic and though there were still attempts...

Track regionals successful despite delay
Track regionals successful despite delay
Eliot Ahn '25, Lifestyles Staff • May 27, 2022

Greenhills track team competed in a regional meet at Whiteford Middle and High School on May 21, where they faced off against 11 schools, including...

LOOKING FORWARD Cale chooses his club of choice after scoping out the yardage to the hole in one of the final tournaments of his high school career. “I am excited for the next level at college, but I will miss the team and the friendships and skills it has given me over the years,” said Cale Piedmonte Lang ‘22.
Senior commits to the course
Mikayla Eccleston ‘25, Sports Staff • May 24, 2022

After nine years practicing 12 to 18 hours every week for golf and speaking with multiple college golf coaches, Cale Piedmonte-Lang ‘22 has...

THE SQUARE ROOT OF MAGIC Austin Andrews ‘23 and Nicholas Alumkal ‘23 commentating a football game in the press box at Michigan Stadium, “We offered an entertaining solution to people who couldn’t make it to the games, especially during the pandemic,” said Alumkal.
Gryphons on the microphone
Chakor Rajendra '23, School Editor • May 25, 2022

Nicholas Alumkal ‘23 and Austin Andrews ‘23 are both fiends for stat sheets and player and game analysis. “Ever since I was little,...

STYLING Fashion icon Quinn Welch 25, strikes a pose. I like dressing differently than everyone else, he said
EsCAPEing Fashion Norms
Sophia Rich '23, Sports Staff • February 10, 2022

Among the few hundred students walking through the all school forum on the way to class, is a boy with a top hat, cape, wrist watch, and rose...