A play on words


Megan Peng '25

From left to right, Abby Webster ‘23, Hannah Behringer ‘25, Ethan Aniag ‘23, and Campbell Parks ‘25 review the Voodoo script during rehearsal. “We were able to make comments about school through a couple of Greenhills-related sketches like The Day in the Life of Austin Andrews, College Admission Emails, and the demand for the Gryphon Den,” said Behringer.

Megan Peng '25, School staff

Voodoo, a student-written sketch comedy, is prone to change each year due to the departure of old students and the arrival of new ones. Using Greenhills as inspiration, Voodoo’s Writers Group consists of producers and writers who work to create a handful of sketches that reflect the life of students at school. 

“My favorite part of the process is definitely doing sketches for the first time because Voodoo is so distinct and different every year, and I think it’s so cool seeing different writing styles, different ideas, and different takes on certain topics,” said Abby Webster ‘23.

Since Voodoo is written from the perspective of students, it allows the Writer’s Group to create relatable content that can be shown to students.

“I like the end of the process, where it’s ready to be performed, and it’s really fun to see all the sketches all at once for the first time during the first run-through,” said Sam Siegel ‘25.

This year, the Voodoo Writer’s group consisted of two new head writers, Chisom Anwunah ‘23 and Maya Comer ‘24. 

“We have two completely new head writers this year, and so the writing style and the way the show flows overall are different compared to the last few years that I’ve done it, but I really like it either way,” said Webster.

Hannah Behringer ‘25, who often participated in the tech crew, joined Voodoo as an actor and a writer.

“I wrote a couple sketches, and being able to see them performed and then having that Writer;s workshop, that kind of thing, is really enjoyable,” said Behringer. “I feel like [Voodoo] is a way to make people laugh since it’s a comedy show, and you can use comedy in all sorts of different ways to make comments on things, especially at Greenhills.”