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ROUGH TERRAIN Beck races on a hilly and rocky course on his mountain bike. “I like longer courses because of the terrain and how it’s not just the same thing over and over,” Beck said. “On these courses, it’s about navigating the hills and maintaining a good pace because the course is so long.”
Tour de Beck
December 7, 2023
Curtain call
Curtain call
December 7, 2023

“If I had a million dollars…”

In a hypothetical world where money is no object, StuCo grade reps dream big

Back in September when grade representatives were elected, they were all required to make a speech regarding what they would contribute to the school and what their visions were. But, if they were to revise their ideas given new parameters: no boundaries and unlimited money, their goals might change.

Keating Holland ‘27, a ninth-grade representative, said he would love to see MacBooks provided for all students and an overall expansion of the school, preferably doubling the grade sizes. He would definitely like to expand the parking lot, which would make space for quicker drop-off and pick-up lines, as well as eliminate the morning rush of upperclassmen racing for a good parking spot. Larger lockers and cubbies would be on Holland’s agenda, as well as solar panels to improve the school’s energy efficiency. As for the PlumSmart lunches, Holland has an upgrade in mind.

“I know it sounds bad, but I’d like to have dessert for lunch. I think that there’s definitely enough money to do that,” Holland said. Although maybe not the healthiest, a dessert option would surely be an upgrade enjoyed by many students.

Jonah Kaplan ‘26, a sophomore representative, also has a few improvements in mind.

“I would definitely expand the sports department to help with student involvement in a sport, make the student section bigger, and help with practice facilities,” Kaplan said. 

He would also like to make Spirit Week a bigger event, including taking some activities off campus. Also off-campus, Kaplan thinks that holding dances at venues would be much preferable to continuing to hold them at the school. Kaplan also thinks that students would appreciate a bigger food selection at dances. Regarding assemblies and grade meetings, Kaplan has some ideas.

“I think assemblies I could make more fun if we had some funding to like I said, go off campus or have different games during assemblies and grade meetings,” Kaplan said.

Sara Roufi ‘25, a junior grade representative, has a lot of improvements to the school on her list.

“If money was not an issue, I think my top priority would be to fix the roof that they are always working on and to stop the leaking, a bigger theater that everyone can sit in, an indoor pool, a parking garage, and more art studios,” Roufi said. She thinks that another good improvement to the school would be more single-stall bathrooms. As a lover of books, Roufi thinks that a futuristic update to the library would be a good idea.

“I want a digital library like when you walk in and there’s an iPad, but there would be multiple and then you find a book on it, and a section lights up,” Roufi said. Lastly, a school vending machine would 100 percent make the cut if it was up to her.

Amanda Chen ‘24, a senior grade representative, has similar upgrades in mind. Like Holland and Roufi, Chen says she would “first make the parking lots bigger.” Similar to Kaplan, she thinks that both Spirit Week and sports game attendance could use some help.

“I would help buy decorations for spirit week because I feel like a lot of people go out and buy their own decorations for spirit week and then it’s like why are we having people spend money decorating the forums,” Chen said. Buying fan section merch to get people out to sports games more was her plan of how to up student attendance. Lastly, Chen thinks that a t-shirt gun is an essential upgrade to the school.

“A t-shirt gun would be so cool and definitely get fans out to sports games. I don’t know about you, but I’d be cool with free Greenhills merch.”

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