Students in cars with stories

Eva Bernstein '25, Lifestyles Editor

Sabine Zebib ‘25

“I was in drivers ed and they overpacked us so there were three kids and one instructor and the guy sitting next to me was vaping in the car and playing video games on his phone and just as he pulled out the vape, the girl driving hit a curb and some dude flying past us flipped her off. Then our instructor wanted to get groceries, so we drove to Kroger and I bought a vanilla cake, which the instructor ended up asking me for but I didn’t give it to him.”


Sara Raoufi ‘25

“I was on my way to Whole Foods to get myself a scrumptious red velvet cupcake and I was driving with my mom because I only have my permit. I was at the entrance pulling in to park and this red Toyota Prius came in and crashed into the grille of my car. Now, what does one do when they’ve hit someone? You go see if the person in the other car is okay, but absolutely not. This man just hit my car and left.”


Hasib Quddoos ‘23

“I was driving in Texas, it wasn’t my car, and I didn’t see the bump in the road coming. We had chips and snacks like drinks open and the car had white interior. We hit a bump and the back of the car popped up and everything fell on us and the white interior was ruined.”


Maraki Tamrat ‘23

“My friends struggle so much with parallel parking that whenever we go downtown I either drive us there or we have to switch when it’s time to park.”


Elina Palapattu ‘23

“I thought that my trunk was closed so I started pulling away but the trunk was actually open and things started falling out.”


Meezan Hamzavi ‘23

“It was my first week of driving and I was in a hurry going to practice. I was pulling out of the garage and I was pulling out too fast and I heard a crash and I was like, ‘Oh, where’d the side mirror go?’ I stepped out of the car, the side mirror was on the floor, and my mom was outside and she was like, ‘What?’ and then we just taped it up and drove around because we only had two cars at the time but I wasn’t allowed to get a car for a couple more months.”


Lizzie Foley ‘23

“I was driving on a highway and I couldn’t see what was beyond this turn, and all of the sudden I was approaching a metal trash can. There was a car next to me and a car behind me so I couldn’t go around it, I had to go over it. I heard scraping sounds from underneath my car and I had to pull over on the side of the road. Then the police came up and I was sobbing. Top ten worst experiences of my life.”


Teddy Staebler ‘25

“My car was smelling pretty bad one day so we went to look and we saw a disgusting sandwich bag that my brother had left in there for three months.”


Jacob Resnick ‘24

“I went for a drive with my friend and all of the sudden my car’s brakes and gas stopped working. We started going down a hill and I was freaking out so I decided to go uphill to lose momentum, but we ended up rolling back down and we came to a complete stop. We thought my car was broken and I had to restart it a ton of times until it finally started working.”