Senior commits to the course


Photo by Pranay Shah '23

LOOKING FORWARD Cale chooses his club of choice after scoping out the yardage to the hole in one of the final tournaments of his high school career. “I am excited for the next level at college, but I will miss the team and the friendships and skills it has given me over the years,” said Cale Piedmonte Lang ‘22.

Mikayla Eccleston ‘25, Sports Staff

After nine years practicing 12 to 18 hours every week for golf and speaking with multiple college golf coaches, Cale Piedmonte-Lang ‘22 has officially committed to Hamilton College to further his golf career to the collegiate level. 

“Over the summer I went to a prospect camp and met the coach and saw the facilities and saw what it was going to be like.  I  immediately fell in love [with Hamilton College],” said Piedmonte-Lang, of the college located in Clinton, New York.

When Piedmonte-Lang was younger he played soccer, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. Piedmonte-Lang still plays soccer at the high school level as a goalkeeper and 2021-2022 captain. He first found his passion for golf one day over the summer. 

“I went to my Grandpa’s barn,” said Piedmonte-Lang. “I found golf clubs in the loft and pulled them out one day and hit balls in the backyard and I have never stopped”. 

Piedmonte-Lang has a scoring average of 82.38 at 18 years old. He has won Catholic league finals for Greenhills, DIII Golf All-State Individual 2021, DIII Golf All-Academic Team Honors 2021 for Greenhills, and Greenhills Men’s Golf MVP 2021. Piedmonte-Lang placed 3rd at Travis Pointe Country Club and 20th at the Top 50 challenge at Washtenaw County, Michigan in 2021. 

“I helped our team win a lot of really good tournaments last year,” said Piedmonte-Lang.

Piemonte-Lang’s coach Micheal Karr had coached him for his high school career and has seen  his growth. 

“His freshman season he was playing pretty good up until our regional tournament and about a week until our tournament he had a lesson with his swing coach. He ended up hitting really well after that lesson and then qualifying for state finals after that tournament,” said Karr. “He was the only freshman to qualify individually for the state finals that year in Division three.”

Memories from throughout Piedmonte-Lang’s high school career such as the van drives to matches freshman year and how that was a great team bonding experience, said Piedmonte-Lang. 

Piedmonte-Lang said his teammates and friends that he plays with every weekend are as competitive as him. They help him to further reach his goals.

“I’m just really glad I knew he was super focused on finding a good place for academics even before he found somewhere to play golf,” said Beau Brewer ‘22. “He found a place that matched his academic needs as well as his golf needs.”

After almost a decade of playing golf, Piedmonte-Lang has gotten adjusted to the nerves that come out of the tournaments that he has participated in.

 “I have played so many [tournaments] at this point I know what the experience is like.” Said Piedmonte-Lang.

This development Pidemonte-Lang has shown in his golf career shows.“He learns well, he adapts to different situations, and he’s got a really good personality,” said Karr. “When he’s playing you can tell when he hits a bad shot he’ll be disappointed or frustrated with that but he does not let it carry over to the next hole.”

This is only the beginning for Piedmonte-Lang. 

“Next year when I go to college my first goal is to make the starting six,” said Piedmonte-Lang.