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ROUGH TERRAIN Beck races on a hilly and rocky course on his mountain bike. “I like longer courses because of the terrain and how it’s not just the same thing over and over,” Beck said. “On these courses, it’s about navigating the hills and maintaining a good pace because the course is so long.”
Tour de Beck
December 7, 2023
Curtain call
Curtain call
December 7, 2023

A loud silence

693 students in the school and none in the stands, where is our student section?
ONE STUDENT IN THE STANDS Parents packed the stands for Greenhills High School soccer with only one student fan: middle schooler Arrio Atienza ‘30, pictured center.
ONE STUDENT IN THE STANDS Parents packed the stands for Greenhills High School soccer with only one student fan: middle schooler Arrio Atienza ‘30, pictured center.

Once a year there is one game that attracts more upper school students than any other: The Spirit Week Game. Students fill the bleachers to show out to the basketball teams games. However, it is this one game that they show out to. Not others, so that begs the question: where is our student section?

Facing this question head on is Athletic Director Tom Ward and STUCO President Jibreel Rehman ‘24. Ward has thought of many ideas, collaborating with Rehman, as to how we can get our student section out in more numbers. 

“We are trying to increase the student experience at games,” said Ward. “I want it to be fun, to go to a Greenhills athletic contest.”

Senior Jibran Ali is known for bringing fun to the games in the form of our student section. 

“It shows how amazing sports events could be and that’s just with one person, if more people come in and get hyped then it’s fun for the fans and the players.” said Ali.

Rehman has also provided many ideas alongside Ward and Ali to figure out how to make these games more fun/accessible. 

“We plan to make more games worth spirit week points,” said Rehman. “It’s a working progress right now.”

Ward had similar ideas as they implemented spirit week points into the Homecoming Games along with finding the name for the student section. 

With these ideas there still remains the issue, why can’t a certain number of students make it to each game. Many issues collide with this but there are three that stand out according to Ward and Rehman: practices/away games, homework, and where people live.

With suggestions like no homework days that would allow for more attendance at home events, for Ward, the idea behind getting more people to games is looking bright. Homework is not the only issue, rather other sporting events as well. 

“It’s not just homework and not just a ‘I don’t want to come’ but rather a real logistical issue around peoples schedules,” said Ward. 

Tackling this logistical issue is a lot harder than it might seem. The main factor, according to Ward, that is helping push it is the delaying of games later in the day, however, the issue of sunlight comes into play. 

“We moved a varsity soccer game (the homecoming game against FGR) back to not conflict with practices” said Ward. 

This game is the only varsity match that will begin this late this fall, as without light the game cannot continue. The solution to this would be lights, but this solution at the current moment is an impossible climb. 

“Getting lights is something that is very challenging, I wouldn’t even say it is in the plans.” This is because of the Earhart Village condominiums, who would have to approve of the light installation at the school. 

Without this option, the athletic department is being strained right now as they continue to perilously fight to garner more attendance at athletic events. With new personnel in the Athletic office, they have many ideas that they will push, and as the year continues the department is putting their foot forward on bringing more people to games. 

“I want it to be fun for a random person who may or may not be involved to come out and have fun with their friends and watch the game,” said Ward.


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