From classroom to court

How Becky Randolph’s passion for service transforms lives and elevates Greenhills women’s tennis


CHECKING IN “Service Night is always a great time to showcase why giving back is so important and how we can be more proactive,” said Becky Randolph.

Rishi Verma, School staff

“I went to school with Obama for a year,” said Middle School English teacher and girls tennis team coach, Becky Randolph. This isn’t the only noteworthy thing about her however. Randolph’s time so far at Greenhills can be categorized by service and as an unexpected dark knight for the women’s tennis team.

Service has been a part of Randolph’s life since long before her time at Greenhills.

“I’m very grateful for the position I am in in life and the resources I have available to me so giving back to the community has never been a question,” said Randolph. “Being a teacher has helped me develop a lot of skills that translate to service, like organizing and just finding a way to keep order and get things done.”

Two of the main organizations Randolph works with are HouseN2home and Planned Parenthood.

“HouseN2home started as just me and my four best friends doing service on our own and trying to help people who need housing,” said Randolph. “Overtime, those four friends wanted to work to turn it into a fully established organization and my role was just doing tasks that they needed done or filling in gaps where work needed to be done,”. “It’s really amazing and I don’t think anyone expected for it to turn into what it did.”

Randolph has also volunteered at Planned Parenthood for over 10 years and helped establish a yearly fundraising event for it.

“Back then, I wasn’t a Greenhills teacher but a Greenhills Parent, and a few other Greenhills parents and I got together and put an event together to fundraise for planned parenthood and were thrilled when we raised $2,000,” said Randolph “This last year was the tenth anniversary of this fundraiser and we raised $200,000.”

Students appreciate Randolph’s leading by example when it comes to service.

“It’s much easier to be inspired by and listen to someone who’s actually spent so much of their life giving back,” said Bennet Formicola ‘24

Other than adding to the community as a whole, Randolph has also made an impact on a smaller community: working together with women’s varsity tennis coach Mark Randolph to Greenhills women’s tennis one cohesive team.

“She has helped lay the framework for a lot of these middle-school tennis players coming up to the high-school team,” said Mark. “Back in 2017 when Becky first came to Greenhills, we had a vision for the women’s middle school and upper school teams to be one team.”

Not having a background in tennis, Becky uses her skills from teaching and service.

“Whether it’s just having the middle school girls comfortable with players on the upper school team, or showing their parents how they can support their children and the team, it’s just about developing a culture for what Greenhills women’s tennis is,” said Becky.

Becky’s efforts on the middle school end lead to an impact on the varsity team.

“Now that she’s [Becky] been coaching the middle school for awhile, the girls that are coming up to the varsity team already know other players, have an idea of what varsity tennis looks like, and carry themselves and have the values that I would expect as a coach and want them to have to best grow as students as well as athletes,” said Mark.

“Being on the middle school program with Mrs. Randolph then going to the high school team, I already felt like I knew what a team was about but more specifically what Greenhills womens tennis was about before I was even on the varsity team,” said Parini Rao ‘24.

This in turn helps lead to a difference in results. 

“Though it’s not about winning, and should never be, Becky’s coaching in middle school has really helped us build a true cohesive unit of a varsity team,” said Mark. “A true team and lots of talent mean the sky’s the limit for us,” Mark finished.